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Brown, Zeb Middle School Principal

Anderson/Raxter, Carrie 8th Grade Physical Science/ Environmental
Bell, Ashley Girls PE/Softball
Benton, Casey 6th grade Social Studies
Fondren, Kim Speech and Language
Hatcher, Dawn 7th Grade English Language Arts
Hendrix, Michelle 7th Grade Social Studies
Herrington, Allen 8th Grade School Social Science
Jones, Stacy 7th Grade Math
McCray, Linda Girls PE/Volleyball
Parrish, Kim Middle School Media Specialist
Price, J.J. Boys/Girls Basketball
Schrimsher, Danielle 8th Grade Math
Smith, Kellie Language Arts Teacher/Media Productions
Smith, Sandy 6th Grade Math
Tisdale, Richard Athletic Director/Football
Wallace, Mindy 6th grade Language Arts
Watson, Tami Intervention Specialist
Whitaker, Kari Guidance Counselor
Wilkerson, Staci Special Education
Woytek, Reese 7th Grade Science

Bedsole, Linda Special Education
Byrd, Diane Special Education